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There are lots of factors to consider before choosing Wind Energy, from aviation and ecology to working with local communities to ensure planning permission is passed without objections. Our team of experts have the knowledge and experience to understand if Wind is right for you and your land, and overcome any challenges along the way.

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Landowners across Scotland and Wales are earning more profit from their land by diversifying into renewable energy – with Wind Farming offering guaranteed payments for up to 40 years. Wind power is sustainable energy source that will last forever and never run out – making it a really important part of our renewable energy strategy.

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Lease your land to Green Switch Capital for a fixed, regular income, and we will take over everything – investing our own time and money, from beginning to end. Your payments are linked to the installed capacity of turbine that you can accommodate.


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Frequently asked questions

A wind turbine uses the power of the wind to turn its blades – and transforms this kinetic energy into electrical energy by using a generator.

Wind turbines stand at about up to 200m tall, with 3 blades measuring 83m in length.

Wind turbine towers are made from steel and concrete. The blades are made from fibreglass, reinforced polyester or wood-epoxy.

It really depends on the size and location, but we would hope to build an 18-100MW wind farm in between 24 and 36 months this includes pre-scoping, planning and construction.

The blades are large but the footprint of a wind turbine takes up very little space – less than 1% of the land area – this means the land can still be used for farming and tourism.

A wind turbine can produce electricity for 25-30 years.

The blades usually turn at around 12 revolutions per minute – but this can change depending on the wind speed.

Depending on planning and the grid connection offer, this can range from 36 months to 72 months.

Yes, absolutely. We are more than happy to collaborate with neighbours. Subject to viability.


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