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At Green Switch Capital we are a renewable energy business that continues to make a difference – helping the UK to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and laying the foundations for an independent energy market that isn’t reliant on other countries for power. We are investing heavily in the latest renewable energy technology to ensure a sustainable future for everyone, with multiple gigawatts in our current pipeline.

Our leadership team have decades of renewable energy experience – gained from all over the world – and all brought together as Green Switch Capital.

We are a leading expert at developing, building, funding and operating renewable energy projects. To enable this, we have a team of specialist, in-house planners, meaning that we do almost all of our own planning work. We also have an Independent Connection Provider within our group of companies who can plan and undertake grid and high-voltage design and engineering works. This helps to ensure the viability of our projects and reduces the amount of time they take to complete.

We are always looking for new sites and new opportunities. We welcome landowners to get in touch to discuss their options.

We’re helping the UK achieve net zero carbon emission

We believe solar, wind & battery storage facilities will change the world.

As well as being experts on renewable energy, we know exactly what it takes to get renewable energy projects off the ground and understanding the perspective of local councils and residents.


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