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Solar energy is tried and tested to be reliable and has a positive impact on wildlife and biodiversity. 4% of the UK’s entire electricity was generated via solar in 2021 – a figure that will grow significantly over the next decade.

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By leasing your land to Green Switch Capital, you could diversify your income stream and enjoy predictable payments per acre per year. Guaranteed for the next 30-40 years – and without any personal financial investment

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With Traditional farming in the UK becoming less and less profitable, we understand that landowners are looking for alternative options. Choose our Solar Energy option and you will receive a guaranteed, fixed payment per acre – for the entire lifecycle of the lease period.


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How it works

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Frequently asked questions

Firstly, there’s the solar panels themselves. These are attached to metal frames fixed directly into the ground – we don’t use concrete for this, making everything more sustainable and easier for us to leave without a trace when we our lease is up. Panels are installed with a minimum 4m gap between rows, allowing enough space for vehicles to pass and livestock to graze. We’d also install a number of electrical devices, such as inverters and transformers – and even a private substation if needed.

Security and safety are also very important, so a 2m fence will be installed around the perimeter – deer fences are great for this as they allow smaller animals to come and go, and blend in with the countryside around them.

The electricity is fed straight into your local power grid, but in extremely rural areas with smaller populations, there may not be sufficient demand on the network to make it possible to install a Solar Farm on your land.

Not really. Much less than regular glass actually – and that’s one of the reasons they’re so efficient. A special coating maximises the amount of light that passes through, so hardly any energy is lost through reflective glare.

The panels themselves are silent – producing no noise or vibrations. The inverters make a little noise – but you can only hear it within a few feet.

Very little actually. We’ll keep everything running smoothly with regular check-ups and any required maintenance – and cover all the costs.

We employ a specialist team of land managers to take care of any land where Solar Farms are installed. These experts might plant hedges, trees and meadows – avoiding pesticides where possible.

No. We don’t displace any rainwater so our solar arrays will not affect the natural runoff.

We can’t make solar panels without using energy, but they more than offset themselves within a year through the sustainable energy they create.

Solar panels are made almost entirely of plastic, aluminium, glass, silica, steel and copper, which can all be recyclable.

Our solar farms are screened from view as best we can, so neighbours usually won’t see them and property prices should be unaffected.

Depending on planning and the grid connection offer, this can range from 18 months to 24 months. Surprisingly, construction can be as little as 12 weeks.

Yes, absolutely. We are more than happy to collaborate with neighbours. Subject to viability.


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