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Green Switch Capital is a renewable energy developer within the UK, focussing on the development of Solar, Wind and Battery Storage projects. Our sister company, Success Connections, are an experienced NERS accredited Independent Connection Provider (ICP).

Both companies are supported by Ignis Energia who are an International Renewable Energy Developer and have committed to substantial investment in both Green Switch Capital and Success Connections to support the UK’s journey to reach net-zero by 2050.

Being an experienced developer of Solar, Wind and Battery storage projects, we are aware of the challenges that can be faced in terms of capacity and congestion on the National Grid. Having an accredited ICP as part of our offering has many benefits to us as a developer, which in turn is passed on to our end clients.

Success Connections – Independent Connections Provider (ICP)

Success Connections are a NERS Accredited Independent Connection Provider (ICP) who can provide grid connection expertise for LV, HV and EHV renewable energy projects requiring an electrical connection to the National Transmission grid.

As grid connection experts, Success Connections strive to offer faster delivery for projects and look for the most cost-effective engineering solution.

Why ICPs were introduced – Competition in Connections

OFGEM introduced Competition in Connections back in 1999, which created an open competitive market where ICPs were able to complete a large percentage of all new electricity connections within the UK.

The introduction of ICPs to the electricity distribution industry was to ensure clients were provided with an effective and reasonable choice for their project or development requiring a grid connection. 

This means NERS-accredited ICPs (such as Success Connections) are in direct competition with the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and their license conditions allow them to carry out Contestable Works up to 132kV on an existing DNO / IDNO distribution network.

What is NERS – The National Electricity Registration Scheme?

The National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) is part of an ongoing process to introduce competition in connections within the UK electricity market. The scheme is operated by LRQA on behalf of DNOs.

Being an accredited NERS provider allows Success Connections to carry out the work associated with new electrical connections to the national grid – this could include the electrical design, build and project management

Benefits of working with an ICP

Grid Connection Experts

Success Connections provide Green Switch Capital with a forward-thinking alternative to using the local DNO. The services and expertise provided by Success Connections allow us, as a Developer, to ensure renewable energy projects are connected safely and securely to the national grid. 

As an ICP, Success Connections provide support and technical advice all the way from concept to completion. They produce the most effective scheme for the client early in the project, saving both time and money in the long run.

Our experience has shown us the challenges which can be involved relating to grid capacity and congestion in connecting renewable energy projects. Having the benefit of an in-house ICP allows us to overcome those challenges quickly and efficiently, or potentially avoid them altogether. 

Accelerating your project journey/programme

As a developer, it is our responsibility to ensure a renewable energy project is completed to a high standard and to a defined programme of works. Having an experienced ICP as part of our offering provides several benefits throughout the project journey, including:

  1. Research

Success Connections can provide support with site viability, feasibility studies, grid capacity research and power system studies.

  1. Application

Provide Green Switch with technical expertise for the completion of a successful grid application, including guidance on point of connection, electrical designs, timescales, and project programmes.

This ensures applications are submitted to the relevant DNO with all the required elements included to a high level – in turn, this can speed up the application process.

  1. Point of Connection offer 

Success Connections can offer their expert guidance, advice and technical knowledge when seeking to obtain a Point of Connection (POC) offer from the DNO/IDNO, technical assistance is often required to ensure the POC can be agreed to the correct project specification. 

  1. High Voltage Electrical & Civil Design

Electrical and civil design works for ‘balance of plant’ infrastructure and Contestable Works to the DNO/IDNO specification are required for each renewable energy project – including the procurement of long lead items for construction. 

Green Switch Capital benefits greatly from having an experienced ICP in-house to ensure all design works are completed and approved prior to works commencing on site.

  1. Construction on site

As a NERS accredited ICP, Success Connections can carry out and project manage all electrical and civil works on site. As per the NERS license conditions, only accredited companies can undertake this work, and this can usually be carried out quicker than the local DNO – therefore accelerating project programmes.

This includes working with the relevant DNO/IDNO to ensure all assets are safe and compliant, before final commissioning and energisation.

ICPs working with Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs)

ICPs can provide value engineering and tailor the HV electrical network design and build to meet the individual project needs. They work with us, as a Developer, every step of the way.

Working with an ICP for your renewable energy project also opens opportunities for IDNO (Independent Distribution Network Operator) adoption. ICPs work alongside IDNOs, which means they can offer attractive and flexible commercial terms which are not available if choosing the DNO route for the electrical grid connection of your renewable energy project.

Our partner is accredited to design and build new electrical networks, and the company has agreements in place with IDNO’s who will adopt the network asset upon completion. 

What is an ICP?

An accredited Independent Connection Provider (ICP) is a company who can provide several services to organisations who are looking to get their project or development connected to the National Grid. 

An ICP is accredited to carry out works on the electricity network in direct competition to the local DNO. 

Success Connections are experts in High Voltage (HV) design and build services and offer the following services: 

  • Design – Ranging from Low Voltage up to 275kV electrical design services for grid connections.
  • Build – Full onsite turnkey solution including Cable Laying and Jointing, Substation and Transformer Installation, Testing and Commissioning.
  • Consultancy – Full guidance and support along the process of connecting your project/development to the national grid.
  • Grid Support – Capacity finding, Grid Applications, Technical due diligence, Feasibility Studies, Power System Studies and G99 and G100 compliance.

What are Contestable and Non-Contestable Works?

For a typical grid connection, there are two elements of work to be carried out:

Contestable Works – undertaken by an ICP or the DNO

  • Determining a suitable Point of Connection
  • HV design for the network extension to the DNO/IDNO specification
  • Approval of designs for new connections and reinforcements
  • Procurement of equipment and materials to the DNO/IDNO specification
  • Civil works on site for trenching and cable routes, including reinstatement
  • Project Management and Construction of the network extension and cable route
  • Full liaison with DNO/IDNO
  • Management of Legal consents

Non-Contestable Works – undertaken by the DNO only

For any given project, there is an element of the works on the existing distribution network which can only be carried out by the DNO to comply with the Electricity Act 1989, these are typically referred to as non-Contestable works and include:

  • Processing applications and adoption of equipment
  • Final connection of the network extension and energization
  • Removal or repositioning of existing electrical equipment and cables
  • Inspection, monitoring, and testing of the Contestable Works
  • Operation, repair, and maintenance of all electrical equipment once adopted

Once all elements are complete, the network is then adopted either by the local DNO or an IDNO.

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