Motif Enhancing the biodiversity of a site

Solar development provides an exciting opportunity to enhance the biodiversity of a site. Wherever possible all existing trees, hedgerows and ponds are retained, this provides the foundation to enhance the flora and fauna within a secluded and undisturbed habitat in which it can thrive.

Motif Bespoke biodiversity and landscape management

All projects are maintained under a bespoke biodiversity and landscape management plan which ensures the highest environmental standards are achieved throughout the life of the solar farm. At the end of the project the installation is removed and recycled with the land returned to agricultural use, generally in a better condition than prior to development.

Motif Build upon its existing environmental assets

There is no one size fits all approach to biodiversity enhancement and each development needs to build upon its existing environmental assets. Wildflower meadows, nectar rich seed mixes and different field margin treatments provide enhanced habitats for invertebrates, bees, ground nesting birds, reptiles and small mammals within grasslands.

Motif We consider biodiversity enhancement as part of the development process

Hedgerows and retained trees provide scope for foraging, roosting and nesting. This can be further enhanced with bird and bat nesting boxes and the planting of native species to create new food sources. Green Switch Capital pride themselves in considering all opportunities for biodiversity enhancement as part of the development process.

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