11 October 2022

It’s simple maths. Renewable energy is nine times cheaper than gas. The winning combination of renewables and better insulation could reduce our household energy bills by 50%. It’s an offer that’s tempting more of the UK public than ever before.

70% of the public believes renewable energy will help tackle skyrocketing energy costs. The public’s support for green energy is a reminder of its potential. Creating a self-sufficient energy market powered by clean energy will tackle climate change and reduce energy costs.

At Green Switch Capital, we’re leading the way. We’re working with hundreds of landowners to enable the UK to achieve net zero carbon by 2050 with a sustainable, self-reliant energy market.

We’re exploring the role of renewable energy in solving the UK’s energy crisis. Are you ready to play your part in achieving net zero? Get in touch with our team today.

Over 100 Groups Call for Decisive Action 

While Liz Truss is in the early days of her premiership, she’s already facing calls to take stronger action to tackle climate change and the energy crisis through green solutions. Over 100 groups have called for decisive action from the government.

Organisations like the National Trust and Countryside Link have come together to highlight the need to tackle increasing gas prices, rising energy bills, raising global temperatures, and water shortages.

Households with a lower income are being hardest hit by rising living costs and are most likely to face the consequences of climate change. The groups point to insulation and low-cost renewable energy as the best way to tackle climate change.

22% of those surveyed by Climate Coalition said they believed scaling up homegrown clean energy is the most important action for tackling climate change. The research also shows public opinion backs the idea of renewables as a solution for protecting and restoring UK biodiversity and wildlife.

How British Homes Can Benefit from Insulation

Gas and electricity bills are estimated to cost £285 per month for most households. By comparison, these bills averaged £106 last winter. After record-breaking summer temperatures, we could be in for a hard winter.

While the government is offering financial help, it’s a short-term solution. Our energy bills are going to rise as long we continue to rely on fossil fuels. Switching to renewable energy will drastically reduce energy costs, but the final piece of the puzzle is insulation.

Most British houses suffer from heat leaks with insulation providing the best way to maximise energy usage and reduce our carbon footprint. Adding loft insulation to your home can help you save hundreds of pounds a year.

A third of heat loss in UK homes happens due to a lack of wall insulation. Most homes built after 1920 have cavity walls with insulation only being installed as standard after the 1990s.

50% of English homes are estimated to not have wall insulation. Investing in wall insulation will reduce your energy bills and can cut your carbon emissions by almost 700kg a year.

The financial – and climate - case for insulation is clear to see. However, insulation has fallen on the back burner as living costs rise. Home insulation improvements have plummeted in the UK since 2012 due to boom-bust policy making.

While the government is committed to renewable energy, installation is the key to unlocking green energy’s potential to solve the UK energy crisis.

UK Public Rally Behind Renewable Energy

Only a few years ago solar panels and wind turbines were looked down upon as an eye sore. It has taken time for the public to become educated on the dangers of climate change and the vital role of renewable energy in improving our environment and everyday lives.

Rising energy costs and the physical evidence of climate change have seen the UK public rally behind renewable energy. A recent survey by RenewableUK has found that there is ‘overwhelming public support’ for investing in new renewable energy projects across the UK.

77% of people believe new solar and wind farms will reduce their electricity bills. We’re turning a corner as 76% of people now support the development of renewable energy projects in their local communities.

Every form of renewable energy has over 70% public support with solar energy leading the way with 81%. It rings true to the evidence we saw this summer. Rising temperatures led to a record-breaking demand for solar panel installations in the UK.

The public now views renewable energy as vital for tackling climate change and improving their quality of life. While it’s a game of economics, the public recognises that switching to green energy can cut their energy bills drastically.

The research also shows that Conservative votes are the strongest supporters of renewable energy. It adds pressure to the calls from industry leaders and organisations for the government to take more action on renewables.

September’s ‘Growth Plan’ from the government saw them support onshore wind to turbo-charge its decarbonisation plans. It’s set to make onshore wind projects easier to get off the ground by supporting development projects.

Help Us Create a Clean Energy Revolution

At Green Switch Capital, we’re specialists in solar, wind, and battery storage. Our team is working with hundreds of landowners to repurpose land to create a clean energy revolution. We’re using our land leasing programme to regenerate communities by building renewable energy infrastructure.

Our goal is to help the UK achieve net zero carbon by 2050 through a sustainable, self-reliant energy market. We can’t achieve this without people like you.

Are you interested in earning passive income by leasing your unused land for developing solar panels, onshore wind farms, or battery storage? Contact our team to find out more about joining our renewable technology projects to earn a guaranteed income for up to 40 years.

The future is bright. We’ve already invested over £350 million in renewable diversification, with more than 150,000+ tonnes of CO2 carbon being saved every year. Together we can unlock the potential of renewable energy to create a brighter future and tackle the energy crisis.

Find out more about our renewable technologies and land leasing programme here.