19 July 2022

We’re all feeling the pinch. The cost of living is going up by the day. Energy bills are skyrocketing, food prices are on the rise, and it’s more expensive than ever to fuel your car. These rising costs aren’t sustainable, especially at a time when wages are being squeezed.

There’s one common issue between all these issues. Energy. It’s a problem most of the public recognise. Our reliance on fossil fuels accounts for more than just rising energy costs. Excess greenhouse gas emission is the culprit behind global warming and pollution-related health issues.

The latest research from Public First shows that the cost-of-living crisis is the number one issue for the country - regardless of background or location. 76% of the public also believe that low-carbon energy is the key to reducing the cost of living.

At Green Switch Energy, we’re doing our part in helping to solve the rising cost of living. We believe that sustainable and renewable energy is the key to a better quality of life.

The Growing Demand for Renewable Energy

Public First’s research shows that demand is continuing to grow for renewable energy. The public wants to see increased support for initiatives like insulation and heat pumps to help lower eye-watering energy costs.

The UK’s reliance on foreign gas markets and its soaring market value have left the UK in a stitch. Prices are rising across the board, from the price of diesel to the price of butter, as a result.

This research also found that the public is keen to take steps to boost their home’s energy efficiency. While politicians promise tax cuts and other incentives, over 60% of respondents found that the cost of installation and equipment is the barrier preventing them from installing heat pumps or renewable energy systems.

Green Switch Energy exists to make renewable energy systems more accessible by lowering the barrier to entry in the industry. Our land leasing programme allows farmers and landowners to receive guaranteed passive income in exchange for converting their land into grounds for renewable energy systems.

How Renewable Energy Can Reduce Cost of Living

The ever-changing energy price cap continues to rise and inflation has hit its highest level in 40 years. It’s clear that we need to take action to tackle the energy crisis. Switching to renewable energy will lower the cost of living and help tackle humanity’s biggest problem – climate change.

Renewable energy is the key to a safe and sustainable future. Almost 75% of greenhouse gas emissions come from fossil fuels. We’re already feeling the pressure of climate change, and it’s having an impact on the cost of living. The rising cost of your weekly shop is partly to do with rising food scarcity as a result of climate change.

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), 90% of the world’s electricity needs could be met by renewable energy by 2050. This ambitious goal can only be met if the infrastructure is in place.

How can renewable energy reduce the cost of living? It’s not only more sustainable but also cheaper than fossil fuel. The cost of renewable energy is rapidly decreasing across the board. The cost of wind energy dropped roughly 50%, while the cost of solar power dropped 85% from 2010 to 2020.

Investing in renewable energy sources, including battery storage, is the key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a healthier planet. Now is the time to transition to renewable energy sources.

While the UK appears to be a leader in the march to net zero, we’re not at the forefront of development. The Netherlands is building virtually no new homes with gas connections or boilers. Renewable energy development across the UK has been slow at best, particularly for solar energy.

Why Land Leasing Can Turbo-Charge Renewables

What’s holding the UK back from throwing itself into renewable energy solutions? The cost of building renewable infrastructure. If we want to lower the cost of energy, we need to find a way to lower the barriers to entry into the renewable energy industry.

That’s where land leasing comes in. At Green Switch Capital, we lease land from farmers and landowners to convert into infrastructure for renewable energy. We specialise in solar energy, wind energy, and battery storage. 

We’re helping the UK achieve net-zero carbon emission and lower energy prices in the process through renewable energy solutions. The land we lease is converted into solar or wind energy farms with some properties used for battery storage.

Unlocking the potential of unused land for renewable energy infrastructure can turbo-charge the UK’s transition to renewables.

Moving to renewable energy can also drastically improve our quality of life. The UN reports that almost 99% of people breathe in air that exceeds quality limits and poses a health threat. Over 13 million deaths annually are caused as the result of avoidable environmental issues, such as air pollution caused by greenhouse emissions.

Switching to clean energy will improve our quality of life, reduce energy costs, and create a more sustainable future. It’ll also help the economy by creating a ‘green jobs industry’ that will power economic growth and create a new industry to replace traditional jobs that are becoming redundant.

Reduce Energy Bills by Leasing Your Land

If you’re a farmer or landowner, you have the potential to help us solve the energy crisis. At Green Switch Capital, we lease land from property owners and oversee the entire application and construction process. This system allows you to earn passive income and help us facilitate a sustainable and self-reliant energy market.

Your land can help us boost the UK’s renewable energy capacity. It means we’ll be importing less gas and can tackle the energy crisis. Working together is key to creating a sustainable future with higher living standards.

Renewable energy will power a safer – and more affordable – future for us all. Join the renewable energy revolution by partnering with Green Switch Energy today. Get in touch with our team at info@gscapital.uk or by using our contact form.