29 June 2023

A new chapter in corporate responsibility is being written as companies globally are placing an increased emphasis on renewable energy. From leading tech giants to toy manufacturers, diverse industries are investing in renewable energy projects, affirming their commitment to sustainability and setting a new bar for environmental stewardship.


The Lego Group


One such exemplary company is the LEGO Group. Known for its creativity-inspiring bricks, LEGO is now also making waves with its commitment to green energy. In a striking move towards sustainability, LEGO now runs entirely on renewable energy, three years ahead of its initial 2020 target. This impressive feat was achieved through a mixture of investments in renewable energy projects and the procurement of green energy. The LEGO Group's commitment doesn't stop there; they've also pledged to make their production processes more sustainable, aiming to use sustainable materials in their core products and packaging by 2030.


But LEGO isn't alone in this green revolution. Many other companies have recognized the pressing need to shift towards renewable energy sources. Google, for instance, has been carbon-neutral since 2007 and aims to run entirely on carbon-free energy 24/7 by 2030.




Similarly, Apple announced in 2020 that its entire business would be carbon neutral by 2030. These commitments are significant, not just for their environmental impact, but also for the message they send to other companies worldwide.




In the consumer goods sector, Unilever has set an ambitious target to be carbon positive in its operations by 2030. This means that the company aims to directly support the generation of more renewable energy than it consumes, feeding the surplus back into the grid.


These are just a few examples of the rising corporate consciousness towards our planet's health. By investing in renewable energy projects, companies are not only reducing their carbon footprints but are also future-proofing their businesses. Renewable energy is not just environmentally responsible—it's also increasingly economically viable.




This move towards renewable energy demonstrates that corporations are capable of not only shaping consumer behaviour but also global policy and perception towards sustainable practices. As more companies join the green revolution, they exemplify how business can be a force for good, driving the crucial transition to a more sustainable future. The road to sustainability may be long and challenging, but these companies are leading the way, proving that it's possible to thrive while respecting and caring for our planet.