23 August 2022

We’re living through an energy crisis. Bills are skyrocketing to a record high, with the government expected to take urgent action. It’s not surprising that the public is looking for every opportunity to cut costs. The idea of ‘affordable energy’ seems to be a far-off dream – but it doesn’t have to be.

The public is overwhelmingly in favour of renewable energy. As energy prices continue to skyrocket, solar panel sales are soaring. The current energy crisis has led to a seven-year high in solar panel installations. Solar panels offer the potential for homeowners to save hundreds of pounds on their energy bills.

It’s not just the fight against climate change that’s pushing the public to solar power. The average annual energy bill is expected to jump to £3,240 a year in October due to demand and the impact of the war in Ukraine on gas supplies.

The rise in solar panel sales is twofold: the public understands the potential of renewable energy to achieve net zero and be an affordable alternative to fossil fuels.

At Green Switch Capital, we’re leading the green energy revolution with our land leasing scheme. We’re working with hundreds of landowners to help Britain achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. It’s our goal to create a sustainable, self-reliant energy market throughout the UK.

If you’re exploring the option of adding solar panels to your property, our programme can give you all the benefits without the stress of navigating the energy industry. You can future-proof your agricultural land by earning passive income and boosting local biodiversity.

The Rise in Solar Panel Sales

Solar panels have steadily been on the rise in the UK. There were roughly 1,000 solar panel installations every week in July 2020. This number has jumped to over 3,000 a week. Enquiries are even higher than this. Reports suggest that there is a tenfold demand in solar panel enquiries throughout the UK.

Rising energy costs and the ever-present consequences of climate change are leading more people to turn to renewable energy. The beauty of solar energy is that it’s a win-win. It helps to create zero-carbon energy and is a more affordable alternative to fossil fuels. The average homeowner will save hundreds every year by making the switch.

The next time you’re driving through town, see if you notice new solar panels. Searches for solar panels online have skyrocketed in recent months, including during the summer heatwave. Searches on eBay for solar power batteries jumped 134% compared to last June, while searches for solar panels jumped 54%.

The public is becoming more conscious about their energy usage. While part of this is due to rising costs, we’re becoming increasingly more educated on the environmental impact of energy usage. Research by Experian suggests that 1.9 million households across the UK are intending to invest in solar panels or other renewable energy sources in 2022.

Investing in Solar Power

One of the biggest questions around solar panels is how quickly you can expect to make back your investment. Rising energy costs mean that this time frame is being drastically shortened. Instead of taking 20 years, it can take as little as seven years for your solar panels to pay for themselves.

It’s no surprise that businesses are turning their attention to the potential of solar panels. Amazon is planning on introducing solar panels throughout the UK warehouses and sites. 30,000 solar panels are expected to be installed in their UK facilities before the end of 2022.

Not every business has the capacity to invest in solar panels – especially on a large scale. The energy market can be difficult to navigate, from planning permission to battery storage systems. The best way for the public to benefit from renewable energy is to expand the grid’s capacity and repurpose land already disrupted, particularly agriculture.

Renewable Energy as Solution to Cost-of-Living Crisis

The current cost of living crisis has piqued interest in renewable energy. 70% of Britons point to renewable energy as a solution to the cost-of-living crisis. Research by Public First shows that Britons want more government support for energy-efficiency measures and a faster rollout of renewable energy.

Increasing the UK’s green energy capacity is vital to tackling the cost-of-living crisis and climate change. It’s the best way for the government to support the public and meet its net-zero commitments.

76% of the public view renewable energy as the best solution for reducing the UK’s reliance on foreign gas imports, leading to the current energy crisis. 72% see solar, onshore, and offshore wine as the best way to reduce energy bills.

The government and green energy industry should take advantage of this rise in public opinion. It’s the ideal time to educate the public on the benefits of renewable energy – both for our wallets and the planet we call home.

The major hurdle for the public to access solar panels is cost. This hurdle is even higher for those interested in converting unused land and agricultural spaces into solar farms.

Navigating the electricity industry isn’t easy either. Limited electricity capacity and the government’s ‘biodiversity net gain’ regulation make it difficult to develop large-scale projects.

Land leasing is an alternative that allows property owners to benefit from renewable energy and earn passive income without the headache of development. At Green Switch Capital, we’re using land leasing to make renewable energy accessible to everyone.

Building Solar Farms Across Britain

Installing solar panels isn’t for everyone – especially on a large scale. The owners of disused agricultural land have the most to gain but face the hardest hurdles to overcome. It requires significant financial investment to determine whether the land is suitable for converison into a solar farm.

Seeking planning approval and connecting to the grid can also be time-consuming. That’s where Green Switch Capital comes in. Our land leasing programme allows you to enjoy the benefits of renewable energy while earning passive income. We’ll take care of all the headaches!

Start your journey with renewable energy by contacting our team today. Together, we can create a greener future.