Why Landowners Should Invest in Solar Farms

7 June 2022

Are you a landowner looking for a way to reduce your energy costs and bring in valuable rental income?

Everything You Should Know About Solar Farms

25 May 2022

Solar farms are the future of agriculture. The most profitable crop for landowners to develop is solar panels.

Integrating Solar Farms with Battery Storage Facilities

18 May 2022

For a solar farm to be able to achieve optimum results, it needs to have a battery energy storage system to support it.

How Battery Storage Works for Solar and Wind Farms

11 May 2022

Without battery storage technology, we won’t be able to keep up the pace of replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy from solar and wind farms.

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Solar Energy Myths: What’s the Truth About Solar Energy?

4 May 2022

Renewable energy is one industry that is full of myths and misconceptions. At Green Switch Capital, we believe that solar power represents the future.

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The Role of Green Hydrogen in Reaching Net Zero

27 April 2022

One thing that we’re positive about is the role of green hydrogen in helping us meet the government’s goal of zero emissions by 2050.

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How Solar Farms Represents a Lifeline for Farmers After the Basic Payment Scheme

20 April 2022

In the face of falling government funding and challenging conditions, farmers across the country as switching seeds for solar.

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How Much Can Farmers Earn from Solar Farming vs. Traditional Farming?

13 April 2022

If you’re a farmer or landowner, you might be wondering whether there’s a more profitable way of repurposing your land.

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How Solar Farms Turn Sunshine into Cash

6 April 2022

By switching your farm’s output to producing electricity, you can earn a guaranteed income without paying overheads.