Why Renewable Energy is The Solution to the UK’s Energy Crisis

11 October 2022

We’re working with hundreds of landowners to enable the UK to achieve net zero carbon by 2050 with a sustainable, self-reliant energy market.

Government’s “Growth Plan” Offers Support for Onshore Wind Developments

4 October 2022

Liz Truss is starting her premiership by u-turning on previous measures that have made onshore wind projects difficult to navigate.

How Battery Storage is Helping Australia Go Green

27 September 2022

Battery storage is the missing piece in the renewables puzzle. Countries that are leading the way in green energy are now looking for how to enjoy its benefits all year round.

How Europe Is Turning to Solar Power to Solve Its Energy Crisis

20 September 2022

The UK and United States are dominating the race to net zero with Europe following in close succession.

How Renewable Energy Can Protect Our Biodiversity

13 September 2022

We’re exploring the role of renewable energy in protecting our biodiversity and getting to the bottom of common misconceptions around solar power.

How Lack of Electricity Capacity is Holding Back the Green Revolution

6 September 2022

We’re exploring the issues facing the green revolution and how electricity capacity is holding back the potential of renewable energy. Overcoming our limited electricity capacity is essential for achieving net zero by 2050.

Why Global Renewable Energy Consumption is Soaring

30 August 2022

At Green Switch Capital, we’re working with hundreds of landowners to help Britain reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Our goal is to create a sustainable, self-reliant energy market in the UK.

Solar Panel Sales Soar as Energy Prices Skyrocket

23 August 2022

The rise in solar panel sales is twofold: the public understands the potential of renewable energy to achieve net zero and be an affordable alternative to fossil fuels.

Solar Power Saves UK Households During Summer Heatwave

16 August 2022

Did you know London came close to a blackout during the July heatwave? Renewable energy and the record-breaking cost of energy imports from Belgium were the only things keeping the lights on.