The latest in renewable energy development from our expert team

27 January 2023

Check out the video below where we'll be discussing the latest in renewable energy development with our expert team at Green Switch Capital.

What COP27 Means for Renewable Energy in the UK

29 November 2022

The best way that the UK can fight for a liveable plant and the future of humanity is by investing in renewable energy.

The Actual Impact of Climate Change and Why Net Zero Matters

22 November 2022

We’re sharing everything we learnt from COP27 about the real impact of climate change and why net zero matters.

How UK Farmers Can Make Money from Their Land

15 November 2022

We’re breaking down the challenges faced by UK farmers and how land leasing offers a way for landowners to create a passive income stream during the cost-of-living crisis.

How Much Land Does Solar Actually Use?

8 November 2022

One of the biggest criticisms we hear about solar farms is the amount of land they use. Did you know that Christmas trees use more land by comparison?

Greece’s Renewables Power 100% of Country’s Energy Demands

1 November 2022

How did Greece achieve 100% renewable power generation for five hours in October? We’re examining Greece’s renewables market and its future plans towards a zero-carbon industry.

Scotland Hits Record Levels of Renewable Electricity

1 November 2022

Our Scottish friends are leading the way in the UK’s green revolution. Find out more about Scotland’s trailblazing green energy sector.

How Electric Vehicles are Charging Demand for Battery Storage Systems

25 October 2022

The popularity of electric vehicles is leading to lower battery storage prices, making it more affordable to create a self-sufficient energy market.

How Switzerland Has the Lowest Energy Bills in Europe

18 October 2022

Switzerland has avoided the soaring oil and gas prices that are crippling Europe – but how?