28 June 2022

Passive income is the key to financial freedom. Whether you want to transform your home or build a nest egg, passive income offers something for everyone. Renewable energy is unique as a form of passive income. It offers you the chance to play your part in preventing climate change and protecting the planet.

Green Switch Capital is a renewable energy business making a difference. We’re helping the UK reach net zero by 2050 by creating an independent energy market that is zero-carbon.

We’re investing in the latest renewable energy technology to create a sustainable future. A vital part of this is the land that we lease from farmers and landowners. Leasing allows these landowners to access guaranteed passive income and the benefits of renewable energy.

Are you interested in earning passive income with renewable energy in 2022? Contact our team at info@gscapital.uk or use our contact form to invest in your future with passive income.

Investing in Renewable Energy

Have you ever considered installing solar panels? Rising energy costs might have you wondering how to take advantage of renewable energy. The reality is that it’s not always simple. You have to navigate local council regulations and planning permission. It’s why farmers and landowners often give up after the first hurdle.

That’s where we come in. Green Switch Capital allows you to earn passive income through renewable energy by leasing your land for our projects. Your land can help generate clean energy, whether it’s through battery storage or solar energy.

Do Your Part to Tackle Climate Change

Renewable energy leasing’ is a solution to the world’s biggest problem – rising carbon emissions. The energy sector accounts for 3/4th of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

We must transition from the current energy system toward renewable energy to prevent the worst consequences of climate change. The UK needs to massively increase its renewable energy capacity to meet its short-term 2030 goal of reducing carbon emissions by 45%. Your land can provide the vital ground required to install battery storage, solar panels, and wind turbines.

You’ll earn a passive income through leasing your land and get the benefit of utilising renewable energy. It’s a way to reduce your carbon footprint and help us achieve net zero by 2050.

Leasing is an ideal solution for those who want to purpose their land for renewable energy projects and earn passive income. While you’ll earn passive income for the land, Green Switch Capital will own and be responsible for the renewable energy system. You’ll collect your passive income and benefit from renewable energy without the hassle of maintaining the system.

How to Earn Passive Income with Green Switch Capital

Our goal is to streamline the process as much as possible. Our team of experts know how to navigate the system and work with local authorities.

Leasing your land to Green Switch Capital will provide you with a guaranteed passive income from renewable technology. We’ve broken the process down step-by-step to show how you can lease your land for passive income.

1. Initial Conversation 

Start your journey towards passive income with renewable energy by speaking with one of our account managers. They’ll discuss your property and provide you with an indication of how much passive income you could earn. This conversation will allow you to decide in renewable energy development is right for you.

2. Site Visit

After your conversation with an account manager, we’ll send one of our trained site surveyors to view your land. A site visit is not always necessary and will be discussed with you during your initial conversation.

3. Confirm Your land Boundary & Sign a Letter of Authority

Following a site visit (if required), we’ll kickstart the paperwork by confirming your land boundary. The land boundary will show exactly where your land is. We’ll request you to sign a letter of authority to allow us to make an application to the electricity grid on your behalf.

Our goal is to make the process as passive and seamless as possible. Our team will oversee the vast majority of the application process, allowing you to sit back and relax.

4. In-House Analysis

Our team will carry out a series of feasibility tasks to ensure that your land is suitable for our renewable energy projects, whether it’s battery storage or solar energy. Our in-house analysis will typically include a study of your local grid connection and investigate any potential planning restrictions on your land.

5. Grid Connection Application

We’ll oversee all the necessary grid application work. Our team are experts in the renewable energy sector and familiar with every aspect of the grid connection process.

6. Sign Your Lease

Once all the in-house analysis is carried out and applications are approved, it’s time to sign your contract. It will confirm the duration of the lease and the passive income that you will receive.

7. Planning

After your lease is signed, our team and consultants will carry out the planning application and necessary discharge of conditions.

8. Construction

Once the planning application is approved, Green Switch Capital will start the construction of the project on your land.

Start Earning Passive Income In 2022

Are you a farmer or landowner looking to earn passive income in 2022? If you have unused land, renewable energy offers a unique opportunity for you to gain additional income. Passive income provides a way of navigating through the current cost of living crisis and gives your land a renewed purpose.

Our land leasing programme allows you to earn guaranteed passive income for years, providing a vital lifeline to landowners and farmers across the UK. Your renewable energy contract can provide opportunities for the next generation.

Achieving net-zero through sustainable renewable energy will benefit all our lives. Working with Green Switch Capital will give you a more prosperous future and help us protect the planet we call home.

Start your journey towards passive income today by reaching out to our team at info@gscapital.uk or using our contact form.