28 September 2023

Embracing solar energy is a significant stride towards sustainable and cleaner energy solutions. As a developer specialising in installing solar, wind, and battery storage, ensuring that our projects operate at peak performance is crucial for both environmental impact and return on investment. The efficiency of solar panels can diminish over time without proper maintenance. So how do we maintain peak performance on solar farms?


1. Regular Cleaning and Inspection

• Dirt and Debris Clearance: Dirt, leaves, and other debris can obstruct sunlight, significantly reducing the efficiency of solar panels. It's important to schedule regular cleanings, especially in dusty areas or after storms. Professional cleaning services ensure that the panels remain as clean, and therefore as efficient, as possible.

• Professional Inspection: Annual professional inspections are advisable to check for any electrical and mechanical issues. These inspections can identify and solve problems like loose connections, corrosion, or other damages that may otherwise go unnoticed.


2. Monitoring System Performance

• Installing Advanced Monitoring Systems: Deploying sophisticated monitoring systems helps in keeping an eye on the performance of the solar panels in real-time. These systems provide invaluable data and long-term performance trends, allowing for the prompt detection and rectification of issues.

• Regular Performance Check: Engaging in routine checks comparing the energy output data to detect any decline in performance.


3. Tackling Shade and Obstructions

• Trimming Overhanging Branches: Trees or other obstructions casting shadows on the panels can drastically reduce their performance. Trimming any overhanging branches and clearing other obstructions is essential to ensure maximum sunlight exposure.


4. Cooling the Panels

• Proper Ventilation: Solar panels can lose efficiency as they heat up so we ensure there is adequate ventilation around the panels.


5. Prompt Repairs and Replacements

• Timely Repairs: Damaged or malfunctioning panels can affect the entire system’s performance. We ensure that the panels will be repaired quickly to keep the system working at optimum efficiency.

• Replacements: Replacing old or significantly damaged panels can be more cost-effective in maintaining the system’s overall efficiency.


6. Upgrading Your System

• Embracing New Technologies: The solar technology landscape is evolving rapidly. Sometimes a developer might choose to upgrade the solar farm with newer, more efficient solar panels and technologies to harness more energy and ensure peak performance.


Maintaining peak performance in solar installations involves a blend of regular cleaning, inspections, leveraging modern technology, and timely interventions. By adopting these practices, we ensure our solar projects remain a lucrative investment over the years while significantly contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.